Introduction to the Bible – Barry Bennett (Correspondence-USB)


Barry Bennett

See your faith and confidence soar as you establish a firm foundation in the Bible as the living Word of God and examine its revelation, inspiration, compilation, and preservation.

Barry Bennett, Dean of Instructors – Charis Bible College Colorado

Barry has been serving the Lord since 1972 and is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute. He and his wife, Betty Kay, were missionaries in Mexico, Guatemala, and Chile before returning to Texas in 2001. While attending a large Spanish-speaking congregation in Carrollton, Texas, Barry became the director and principal teacher of Instituto Avance, a Bible institute for Spanish speakers. In 2007, he came to AWM and worked in the Encouragement Department. He is now the Dean of Instructors at Charis Bible College in Colorado. In 2016, Barry launched his ministry website,, where he regularly posts blogs, videos, and other helpful resources.

Courses Taught by Barry Bennett:

  • Introduction to the Bible
  • Discipleship Evangelism I
  • Discipleship Evangelism II
  • Discipleship Evangelism III
  • Ministry of Jesus I
  • Ministry of Jesus II
  • Possess the Land
  • Galatians
  • Healing

“I have gained much knowledge, understanding, and respect for the Bible after learning how it was revealed, inspired, compiled, and preserved over time for the copies we use today. Fascinating information. This course has sparked much interest in me to do more study/research on this topic.”

“I thought this class would be a breeze and would just be something to brush up on my Bible knowledge. It turns out, there was a lot I did not know, and I look forward to taking more classes.”

“Taking this course gave me more confidence in the Word of God. Knowing that all the books in the Bible are inspired equally by God and knowing about the progressive revelation cleared out lots of confusion I had before. These things and many others gave me an absolute confidence in my Bible. I have entered a new depth in knowing God’s Word and in my relationship with the Lord.”