Israel: Key to Human Destiny – Delron Shirley (Self-Paced)


Delron Shirley

It is so tiny that a world map can’t even squeeze its name on the space allotted, yet Israel is prominent on the evening news. How is it that this minuscule nation can so capture the interest of the world that it takes precedence on the front page newspapers across the globe? Why can one little country of a few million people tie up the wealth, the foreign policy, and the political movements of the greatest nations on earth? Explore these intriguing ideas and more in this course.

Delron Shirley, Director of Missions SchoolCharis Bible College Colorado

Delron is a graduate of North Carolina State University, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Indiana Christian University. He served for 25 years as Dean of World Harvest Bible College and Indiana Christian University. He is founder and president of Teach All Nations Mission, focused on training local leaders in Africa, Asia, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe. Delron and his wife, Peggy, have three sons.

Courses Taught by Delron Shirley:

  • Your Home Can Survive
  • Finally, My Brethren
  • Israel: Key to Human Destiny

“I gained so much knowledge of things that went on in the Old Testament and a greater explanation of the end times and Israel’s history and destiny because of this course. I believe this is all crucial to how we better understand Scripture.”

“I have a deeper understanding of the covenant of Abraham and how it applies to me now. It’s made the Bible bigger and more alive in a lot of ways.”

“This course reminded me of God’s faithfulness and how HE is the one that is keeping me. He made the covenants, and He will keep them. Thank You, Lord. It’s not what I do, but what You have done.”