Biblical Ethics and Morals – Mohr/Landt/Bennett (Correspondence-DVD)


Study the various ethical and moral issues from a Biblical perspective that affect a Christian’s walk with God and their influence with others, including those outside the church.

Greg Mohr, Executive Director of ARMI & Post Education Development

Greg Mohr is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training College and has a master’s degree in leadership from Southwestern Christian University. Greg served as senior pastor of River of Life Church in Decatur, Texas, for twenty-four years; was an instructor at Calvary Cathedral International Bible College in Fort Worth, Texas; and is an author and sought-after conference speaker. Greg has planted several churches and has birthed many sons and daughters in the faith who are successful in both business and ministry. The focus of his life and ministry is to help people achieve their dreams, grow in Christ-likeness, and change their world. Greg’s ministry website, gregmohr.com, has many resources including videos, blogs, and funnies from Greg.

Courses Taught by Greg Mohr:

  • Establishing a Prosperous Soul
  • Fruit of the Spirit
  • Operating in God’s Best
  • Prosperity God’s Way
  • Biblical Ethics and Morals (co-taught with Beth Landt and Barry Bennett)


Beth Landt, Adjunct Instructor – Charis Bible College Colorado

Beth, a 2008 Charis Bible College graduate, completed her internship in 2009 and served as the Dean of Women until 2018. Beth received a bachelor’s of science from the University of Colorado, where she subsequently worked in research for fourteen years. She is happily married to Jay, and they have a miraculous little girl. Beth believes that she has been placed on this earth to bind up the brokenhearted and set the captives free, and she is also passionate about seeing people set free to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth and to love others with His unfailing love.

Courses Taught by Beth Landt:

  • Biblical Ethics and Morals (co-taught with Greg Mohr and Barry Bennett)


Barry Bennett, Dean of Instructors – Charis Bible College Colorado

Barry has been serving the Lord since 1972 and is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute. He and his wife, Betty Kay, were missionaries in Mexico, Guatemala, and Chile before returning to Texas in 2001. While attending a large Spanish-speaking congregation in Carrollton, Texas, Barry became the director and principal teacher of Instituto Avance, a Bible institute for Spanish speakers. In 2007, he came to AWM and worked in the Encouragement Department. He is now the Dean of Instructors at Charis Bible College in Colorado. In 2016, Barry launched his ministry website, BarryBennet.org, where he regularly posts blogs, videos, and other helpful resources.

Courses Taught by Barry Bennett:

  • Introduction to the Bible
  • Discipleship Evangelism I
  • Discipleship Evangelism II
  • Discipleship Evangelism III
  • Ministry of Jesus I
  • Ministry of Jesus II
  • Galatians
  • Healing
  • Possess the Land
  • Biblical Ethics and Morals (co-taught with Greg Mohr and Beth Landt)

“What a powerful teaching. This course helped me to really understand in greater detail the importance of Godly ethics in all we say and do.” Darren M., NC

“This course benefits me a lot because it shared a lot of practical things that lack in the body of Christ. A lot of them are not taught in churches and it’s a very good thing for me to know them. It also increases our wisdom and shapes our conduct in the walk with God.” K.A., France

“This class was excellent. I believe this course should be a requirement for all born again believers. We need to be aware of what is happening in our culture today. I know that my eyes were opened to some things that we might have to deal with in our ministries. Whom the Son of God has set free, shall be free indeed.” Anonymous