Fruit of the Spirit – Greg Mohr (Correspondence-DVD)


Greg Mohr

God’s very first words to man connected success in life to fruitfulness. Find the purpose, rewards, and means to fully develop and manifest the fruit of the Spirit in your life, thereby revealing Jesus to the world and enabling you to possess your inheritance.

Greg Mohr, Executive Director of ARMI & Post Education Development

Greg Mohr is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training College and has a master’s degree in leadership from Southwestern Christian University. Greg served as senior pastor of River of Life Church in Decatur, Texas, for twenty-four years; was an instructor at Calvary Cathedral International Bible College in Fort Worth, Texas; and is an author and sought-after conference speaker. Greg has planted several churches and has birthed many sons and daughters in the faith who are successful in both business and ministry. The focus of his life and ministry is to help people achieve their dreams, grow in Christ-likeness, and change their world. Greg’s ministry website,, has many resources including videos, blogs, and funnies from Greg.

Courses Taught by Greg Mohr:

  • Establishing a Prosperous Soul
  • Fruit of the Spirit
  • Operating in God’s Best
  • Prosperity God’s Way

“I liked the subject matter, the flow of the class material, and Brother Mohr’s ability to put the class at ease and still command our attention and our respect in the way he handled himself, the material, and the Word. You could tell he was a pastor because of the way he continually challenged us to make this a part of our life, and yet we were never led to think we were being delinquent in our present walk with the Lord. He is a marvelous teacher of grace.”

“I am thrilled with Greg Mohr. His humor brought me into the class each lesson, and I found I was really looking forward to each lesson. He has such a love for the Word and for this subject in particular. He presented it with such honor and commitment to the Word, yet it was alive IN him, not one ounce of boring. The material was as current and fresh as today’s news. Relevant. He is a masterful teacher and pastor.”

“I absolutely love this class and Greg Mohr. He is an incredible teacher and makes it funny, real, and meaty, all at the same time!”