Heart (Essence) of the Gospel – Arthur Meintjes (Correspondence-USB)


Arthur Meintjes

Be released from the motivating factors of guilt, condemnation, and fear that define many Christians’ lives. Learn to relate to God as He is revealed in the New Testament. The heart, or “essence,” of the Gospel is God revealing His goodness, love, mercy, grace, forgiveness, and true nature to a tired, worn-out, and hopeless world!

Arthur Meintjes, Adjunct Instructor – Charis Bible College Colorado

Arthur has traveled the world teaching the Good News (Gospel of Peace) and faith righteousness, a message of God’s unconditional love and mercy to build, repair, and restore mankind. The emphasis of the message is to show people that God is kind, good, and loving. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, or wholeness, in every area of life. This good news does not point out what is wrong with you; it is about what is right with you because of the finished work of the cross of Jesus Christ, in spite of what is wrong with you. Grace doesn’t give permission to sin; it empowers one to live a godly life. Arthur and his wife, Cathy, established Kingdom Life Ministries in 1992. They reside in Colorado, U.S.A.

Courses Taught by Arthur Meintjes:

  • Heart (Essence) of the Gospel
  • Essential Truths of the New Testament
  • Let Freedom Reign

“I have received in my heart an increase in the love of God for me and an increased freedom to enter activities with peace. I am today living with a greater expectation of GOOD than before I started the class.”

“Arthur’s fresh approach about what the Gospel is really about is life-changing. I could hear these messages over and over again!”

“I learned that I do not have to be afraid of God and that I am not up for judgment. There was a time when I lived in a state of panic because of my fear of death and judgment. This course helped me to sort everything out according to Scripture.”