Lifestyle of Worship – Daniel Amstutz (Correspondence-USB)


Daniel Amstutz

Worship is a lifestyle, not a musical style! Be set free as you learn that worship comes from who you are, not what you do. Worship is a response to God’s incredible love and grace. That translates into a lifestyle that will bring transformation to you; from the innermost to the outermost. Learn how to draw near with a true heart! Learn how to be a voice!

Daniel Amstutz, Dean of Worship and Arts and Director of Healing School, Creative Arts School, Charis Worship Ministries, and Charis Artistic Productions – Charis Bible College Colorado

Daniel Amstutz has been described by many as “a father” of the modern worship movement, helping to pioneer the worship team model that we see so frequently today, which was based on principles from the Tabernacle of David, applied in a new covenant setting. Daniel mentored many who continue to have tremendous impact on the Body of Christ and modern culture as well. Daniel is a published songwriter and recording artist and has served as a pastor and teacher for over thirty years. Daniel is an ordained minister and holds Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Theology degrees. Daniel has directed the Charis Bible College Worship Ministries, the School of Worship and the School of Healing since January of 2011. Daniel and Tracy have been married for thirty-six years and have two grown children and three grandchildren.


Course Taught by Daniel Amstutz:

  • Lifestyle of Worship
  • Prayer Minister Training (co-taught with Carlie Terradez)

Every lesson was extremely enjoyable and provided knowledge that I know will help me grow my relationship with the Lord. Daniel taught in a clear, humorous, easy to understand manner that made every class a joy, and I will be reviewing each lesson over and over again. Thanks to this course, I am believing more than ever that divine health is in my future, as I have already had that purchased for me by Jesus on the cross!” Brenda M., Canada

“This course helped create an indelible picture in my heart that I am a son. It changes everything when you truly know who you are – how loved and precious we are to the Lord. I will most certainly be listening over and over.” Claire O., Canada

“I absolutely loved Daniel’s teachings and teaching style. I could really feel his love and enthusiasm for this topic. The Holy Spirit was definitely overflowing out of him during the lessons. He made it fun and entertaining which really helps it become embodied into my heart and mind. Thank you so much.” S.J., Arizona