Ministry of Jesus I – Barry Bennett (Self-Paced)


Barry Bennett

Study the culture and context of Jesus’ life and ministry, His seven “I AM” sayings, His baptism and temptation in the wilderness, the manner and content of His teaching and His declarations about Himself, and His relationship with the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit. First of a two-part series.

Barry Bennett, Dean of Instructors – Charis Bible College Colorado

Barry has been serving the Lord since 1972 and is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute. He and his wife, Betty Kay, were missionaries in Mexico, Guatemala, and Chile before returning to Texas in 2001. While attending a large Spanish-speaking congregation in Carrollton, Texas, Barry became the director and principal teacher of Instituto Avance, a Bible institute for Spanish speakers. In 2007, he came to AWM and worked in the Encouragement Department. He is now the Dean of Instructors at Charis Bible College in Colorado. In 2016, Barry launched his ministry website,, where he regularly posts blogs, videos, and other helpful resources.

Courses Taught by Barry Bennett:

  • Introduction to the Bible
  • Discipleship Evangelism I
  • Discipleship Evangelism II
  • Discipleship Evangelism III
  • Ministry of Jesus I
  • Ministry of Jesus II
  • Possess the Land
  • Galatians
  • Healing

“What impressed me most were the cultural events and mannerisms explained during Jesus’ ministry. I liked that Barry highlighted some of the customs during Jesus’ time. I also learned that Jesus came not just to save us but to reveal the Father as a template on how we are to have a relationship with the Father and to love others.”

“I have always been confused about how Jesus could be a true man but have God’s powers. This lesson cleared that up for me. Jesus operated in His earthly ministry by being led by the Holy Spirit and accomplished everything He was sent to do by keeping in close connection to His Father by constant prayer. He is our example to do the same.”

“As I proceeded through the course, I began to feel closer to God, like a barrier was lowered.”