New Covenant Prayer – Daniel Bennett (Correspondence-USB)


Daniel Bennett

Communicating with God is a major part of our relationship with Him. This course is about what prayer can be like in light of the New Covenant. Topics include friendship with God, worship, hearing His voice, praying for others, and doing what we see the Father do. There will be a focus on scriptural examples and practical application.

Daniel Bennett, Executive Director of Student Administration – Charis Bible College Colorado

Daniel grew up on the mission field and he has had a heart for ministry ever since. Since then he has served in the Air Force, been a missionary in Nicaragua and Russia, and worked at multiple Charis campuses. He graduated from Charis in 2009 and from UCCS in 2012. He now serves as the Dean of Students at Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado. He and his wife, Ashley, live in Colorado Springs, and love being part of a ministry that is changing lives around the world!

Courses Taught by Daniel Bennett:

  • New Covenant Prayer

New Covenant Prayer
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