Old Testament Survey VI – Wendell Parr (Correspondence-DVD)


Wendell Parr

Journey with the patriarchs and discover the foundations of our faith. Discover the “Word that became flesh” in the types and shadows buried throughout the Old Testament. In this overview of Jonah through Malachi, study the author, historical setting, purpose, and theme of each book. Special attention is given to some of the key passages. Sixth of a six-part series.

Wendell Parr, Ministry Ambassador – Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College

Wendell has been in ministry for over four decades. He founded a charismatic church in Texas, where he served as senior pastor for eighteen years. In 1994, he moved to Colorado Springs to help start Charis Colorado. He was an instructor there for three years, and then he and his wife, Linda, moved to England, where they successfully planted the first Charis location outside of the Colorado main campus. After returning to the USA, Wendell directed Calvary Cathedral International Bible College in Fort Worth, Texas, before returning to Colorado, where he now serves as ministry ambassador of Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College. Wendell opens up his life as he teaches some of the most fundamental truths of the Christian faith. As a seasoned teacher of the Word, Wendell breaks down the Scriptures in a way that gives students a vantage point by which they can advance in their walk with Christ.

Courses Taught by Wendell Parr:

  • Holy Spirit I
  • Holy Spirit II
  • Holy Spirit III
  • Old Testament Survey I
  • Old Testament Survey II
  • Old Testament Survey III
  • Old Testament Survey IV
  • Old Testament Survey V
  • Old Testament Survey VI

“I like how Wendell explained the verses in the Old Testament in light of the New Testament. He always related it with the NT, so it makes us better understand OT books.”

“Learning the types and shadows as well as the truths of who God is was so valuable to me. This course gave me a whole new enthusiasm for the Old Testament, how it relates to the New Testament, and especially how it relates to the church and life for believers today.”

“I liked seeing how the prophetical books fit together. I have a new appreciation for the prophets themselves. What faith they had to walk in what they heard!”