Prayer Minister Training – Amstutz/Terradez (Correspondence-DVD)


Be trained in how to minister to those in need of healing. This course will equip any believer, from new convert to senior pastor, to confidently and effectively minister in the area of healing.

Carlie Terradez, Adjunct Instructor – Charis Bible College Colorado

Carlie was born and raised in the UK and moved to the USA after graduating from Charis Walsall in 2008 with her husband, Ashley. Serving the Lord has always been a focal point of the couple’s marriage and has led them to a variety of ministry positions over the past decade and also resulted in their ordination through Andrew Wommack Ministries. They have three children and have seen the miraculous power of God at work in their family. Carlie and her daughter, Hannah, have both received healing from life-threatening conditions.

Course Taught by Carlie Terradez:

  • Prayer Minister Training (co-taught with Daniel Amstutz)


Daniel Amstutz, Dean of Worship and Arts and Director of Healing School, Creative Arts School, Charis Worship Ministries, and Charis Artistic Productions – Charis Bible College Colorado

Daniel Amstutz has been described by many as a father of the modern worship movement, having helped pioneer the worship-team model seen so frequently today, and has mentored many who continue to have a tremendous impact on the body of Christ and modern culture. Daniel is a published songwriter and recording artist and has served as a pastor and teacher for over thirty years. He is an ordained minister and holds bachelor of music and bachelor of theology degrees.

Course Taught by Daniel Amstutz:

  • Prayer Minister Training (co-taught with Carlie Terradez)
  • Lifestyle of Worship

“Great lessons. I definitely learned a lot about the proper and scriptural ways to pray for someone. This knowledge and info will certainly be useful when ministering/praying for others not only at church services, but anywhere.” –Alfonso T., North Carolina

“I am encouraged by the strong, confident teaching of the two instructors and the simple, practical directions on praying for others. I needed to hear again how to keep myself in a place of usefulness for those I pray for.” –Tony T., Virginia

“I love the fact that Daniel and Carlie team-taught and bounced off one another. It made the class fun and exciting to listen to. Each one shared experiences, which provided a lively conversation and learning environment. It was so much fun to listen to each of them.”