What Faith Is and How to Live By It – Dan Funkhouser (Correspondence-DVD)


Examine how God operated in faith and discover that you also have the same measure of faith available in your life. Learn how faith operates from your heart and your confession of God’s Word.

Dan Funkhouser, Adjunct Instructor – Charis Bible College Colorado

In 1973, Dan and his wife, Penny, gave their lives to Jesus Christ. In 1978 Dan graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center. He earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Bible Theology from the International Bible Institute and Seminary. He also holds a conferred Doctor of Divinity Degree from the same seminary. Dan has pioneered and helped pioneer many churches, including three right here in the Colorado Springs area. Since 1983, he has taught national pastor and leadership conferences as well as Bible colleges in Haiti, Israel, Central America, South America, and Cuba. Dan and Penny are currently pastoring Heartbeat Ministries International in Colorado Springs.

Course Taught by Dan Funkhouser:

  • What Faith Is and How to Live by It

“I had never considered God’s Word (our Bible) to be a legal document. Once I understood this, it cleared up some issues in my understanding of authority.”

“What Faith Is and How to Live by It–the title says it all. It was a great summary of relevant scripture. We all need faith-building. This was a great exercise in building our spiritual strength.”

“There were a lot of great things I learned in this class, but the one thing I heard that has stuck with me during these past few weeks is that faith is expectancy. I learned that we are to be expecting to receive from God. It made me evaluate what and how I believe when I ask something from the Lord.” 🙂