* Complete 1st-Year Program (39 Courses – Correspondence-DVD)


This bundle includes all 39 courses of Charis Bible College’s first-year program.

*Courses are listed in the recommended sequence but may be taken in any order.

The included courses are:

Sure Foundation
Love of God
Prosperity God’s Way
Basics of Righteousness
Holy Spirit I
Introduction to the Bible
Holy Spirit II
Heart (Essence) of the Gospel
Discipleship Evangelism I
Fundamentals of Faith
Holy Spirit III
Relationship with God I
Basic Bible Doctrines
Old Testament Survey I
Fruit of the Spirit
Old Testament Survey II
Relationship with God II
Ministry of Jesus I
Old Testament Survey III
Receiving from God I
Ministry of Jesus II
Receiving from God II
Possess the Land
Prayer Minister Training
New Covenant Prayer
Life Foundations
Old Testament Survey IV
Marriage and Family
Discipleship Evangelism II
Old Testament Survey V
Establishing a Prosperous Soul
Discipleship Evangelism III
Old Testament Survey VI
Principles of Grace and Faith
Biblical Ethics and Morals
Essential Truths of the New Testament