By enrolling in courses, I am accepting the Charis Distance Education Terms of Service which include that I:

  • understand that Charis Bible College follows this Statement of Faith and Doctrinal Statement.
  • understand that faithfulness and integrity are important for success as a student at Charis and will view the lessons, complete assignments, and adhere to the instructions for taking the exam in my courses.
  • verify that I am at least 18 years old (required for Interactive courses). Parental consent is required for students under 18 years of age. Please email Distance Education for more information.
  • understand that for my own privacy and security, Charis encourages me to not share information that others could use to harm me, including information that would allow others to physically locate or contact me outside any Charis Distance Education system. Charis strongly encourages me to limit my contact with other users to the communication channels provided within the Charis Distance Education system. Charis is not responsible for any consequences that may result from contact with other users outside this system.
  • will use my access to other Charis Distance Education users only for class activities organized by Charis. Unless otherwise authorized by Charis in writing I will NOT use any communication methods available through Charis Distance Education, (including email addresses) to solicit Charis staff or other students for:
    • business purposes or
    • involvement in ministry activities outside of Charis/AWMI or
    • collection of funds for any purposes, including ministry offerings.
  • accept that Charis reserves the right to delete content, temporarily suspend, or permanently terminate user access to Distance Education courses and activities if Charis, at its sole discretion, believes the terms or spirit of this agreement have been violated.
  • will not reproduce any content for the purposes of reselling or charging any fee for the content. I will not reproduce any content for the purposes of editing with the intent of distributing the edited content.
  • accept that Charis reserves the right to close, cancel, or reschedule courses at its sole discretion. If Charis changes the availability of a course, that course will be replaced with a different course.
  • accept that Interactive courses are subject to minimum and maximum enrollment limits. If the enrollment minimum is not met by the enrollment deadline for a course, that course may be changed to a Self-Paced course format.
  • certify that all information provided at registration and/or enrollment is truthful and complete.
  • accept that Charis reserves the right to make changes to any aspect of the Charis Distance Education program and Terms of Service with or without notice.

Reporting Violations of these Terms of Service:

Thank you for honoring these Terms of Service. This is your college community. Help us make it strong, vibrant and enjoyable for all members. If you see anything that violates the Terms of Service, please report it to DistanceEd@charisbiblecollege.org for review.

These Terms of Service (TOS) are subject to change without notice.
You may also want to review our withdrawal, refund, and other policies.